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Finding literary agents for children’s books

Did you realize some of the benefits of having agents for children’s books? It is possible to publish a book on your own.

But literary agents have valuable contacts in the publishing world, and can help you sell your manuscript for the best possible terms.

Also, an agent can handle the nitty-gritty financial details, so that you have more time to concentrate on what you do best–writing!

So how do you go about finding an agent?

Keep in mind that while many literary agents have informational websites, it’s not necessarily enough to do a quick web search to find them.

You see, there are some not-so-reputable folks out there claiming that for a fee, they will help you get published. But in some cases, the only guarantee is that they’ll take your money.

How else can you find good agents for children’s books?

  • Ask other children’s book authors for recommendations.
  • Check with your professional writing associations.
  • Read professional magazines such as Publishers Weekly to find out which agents are quoted.
  • Find out which agents represent your favorite authors.
  • You can check an agent to see if they’re listed by the Association of Authors’ Representatives (AAR) which is a sure sign of a good reputation.

The process of finding an agent is somewhat similar to submitting your manuscript to a publisher. You’ll need a query letter and a sample of your work. Then you wait to see if the agent will represent you.

It may seem like a long, complicated process. But in the end, finding a good agent for children’s books will be a great benefit to your writing career.