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Vanish by Sophie Jordan

Vanish (Firelight, #2)Vanish by Sophie Jordan

I had the chance to preview the new book in the Firelight series by Sophie Jordan, Vanish via Harper Teen on Netgalley. Today is the book’s offical release date, and I’m finally posting a review.

Though I’ve tried not to include spoilers for Vanish, there may be some for the first book in the series, Firelight. I don’t recommend reading Vanish unless you’ve also read Firelight, so I don’t think this will be a problem for those reading the review.

Vanish picks up immediately where Firelight ended. Cassian, fellow draki (and the mate intended for Jacinda by the pride) convices Jacinda to return to the pride in order to protect her family from the hunters, even though it means leaving her boyfriend Will, who’s happens to be from the same family of draki hunters.

Early into the story Jacinda’s twin sister, Tamra she manifests as a shader, one of the rarest type of draki. It’s still very much Jacinda’s story, though.

As the story continues, so does the love triangle–Jacinda is choosing between Will and her Cassian. I had the same problem with the romance with Cassian in this book as I did with Will in Firelight. That is, I didn’t really feel the chemistry between Cassian and Jacinda until they actually had their first kiss.

The biggest problem I have with this series is that the cliffhangers are so extreme. Vanish doesn’t really feel complete in and of itself. There’s one major issue that’s resolved in Vanish but I have a feeling it will be undone in book 3. Other than that, I really enjoyed Sophie Jordan’s writing. The love scenes in particular are very hot for a YA book, even thought the characters never go beyond 1st base. I’ll have to check out book 3 just to see what happens!

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