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TBR Challenge 2011: Temptation is the Night

Temptation is the NightTemptation is the Night by Marguerite Kaye

TBR Challenge 2011—Theme: Series Romance

It’s time for the first post of the 2011 TBR Challenge hosted by Wendy at Misadventures of Super Librarian.
I choose a book from the Harlequin Historical Undone line. I sort of cheated by picking such a short book for the first TBR 2011 challenge post. But since I’m still trying to finish Guns, Germs and Steel for my book club I haven’t had a lot of reading time lately.

Setting: England, 1924
It had been love at first sight when Jack Damarell, the Eighth Earl of Crieff, and American artist Lindsey van der Maier met on the steamer to England. Their marriage had been filled with white-hot passion—until Jack’s dark memories of the trenches drove them apart.
Now Lindsey has returned, and Jack has resolved to exorcise her from his heart with one final night of lovemaking to prove that reality couldn’t possibly live up to his memories. But can Jack hold onto his conviction when their sensual encounter exceeds his imagination?

When I first started reading this, I was a little disappointed that the story didn’t take place on board a ship. Can you think of a more romantic setting than a steamship? Also it seems like a transatlantic voyage would be the perfect length of time for the action of a novella to play out. All in all, the chemistry was very good between Lindsey and Jack, though I was confused about their motives at times. The writing style was at times a bit like many people’s negative stereotypes of romance novels. Think old-school Mills and Boon with a lot of sentence fragments. I thought this story suffered the most from filling in a lot of backstory about Lindsey and Jack’s failed marriage. I thought that the ending was perfect and sweet! It would have worked much better as a full-length novel, though.

I loved the 1924 setting and I wish there were more romance novels set in this time period. I’ve followed some discussions like the one on the AAR blog about the lack of post WWI romances. How about you? Which less-common settings would you most like to see?

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  1. That is an unusual time period! I’m a big fan of Edwardian romances, too (set 1901-1910 or so). It sometimes seems as if the entire 20th century seems to be forgotten in historical romance. There are a few in the 30s, a few during WWII, but very little set before or after that. I’d love to read more of them set in those ‘missing’ time periods.

  2. I tend to horde Undones on my Sony Reader and then go on reading binges with them. Wouldn’t you know – this one is waiting for me. I love the Edwardian time period, and I read an earlier Undone by Kaye (set in the Georgian era) that I enjoyed quite a bit.

  3. I read another Undone by Marguerite Kaye, The Highlander and the Sea Siren. It was very different in style—more of a sexy fairy tale–and it was very good! I’m curious to see what you think of Temptation is the Night.

  4. @Amber I have the new book by Laura Lee Gurhke set in the early Edwardian era, and I’m looking forward to reading that. Sometime I also want to start the Francesca Cahill series by Brenda Joyce which I think starts in 1902 and is set in New York. I’m also thoroughly enjoying the Downton Abbey series on PBS set in England just before WWI. So almost by accident I’m seeing a lot of Edwardian settings lately 🙂

  5. Marguerite Kaye

     /  January 23, 2011

    I’m really glad you enjoyed the 1920s setting, it’s one of my favourite periods, so glamorous and yet so tragic in the dreadful aftermath of WWI, I would definitely like to write more of it (and I really love Hannah’s idea of setting a story on a liner, thanks Hannah).

    The thing I love about writing for Harlequin’s Undone imprint is that they do actively encourage their authors to experiment with new ideas, styles and time periods, and to break the rules too, which is always appealing. Aside from my Highlander fairy tale (the Highlander and the Sea Siren), I’ve also got a Regency vampire out (Bitten by Desire), and am currently just finishing a completely radical change in direction with my Wolf Clan trilogy, out in consecutive months from March this year, which features a fierce clan shape-shifting Highlanders and is set in the early 1700s.

  6. Thanks for visiting, Marguerite! I just purchased Bitten by Desire. I love historical paranormals and wish Harlequin would publish more. So I’ll be sure to pick up the Wolf Clan trilogy when it’s available.