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A Kindle lover’s review of the Sony PRS-300 ereader

sony prs-300

Since April of this year, I’ve enjoyed reading books on the Kindle. I’m now a total ebook convert and prefer to read digitally whenever possible. The only drawback of the Kindle is that it doesn’t offer epub support, meaning you can’t check out books from libraries that offer digital downloads.

As a professional reader, I decided it was time to invest in an ereader that would read secure epub files from the library as well as egalleys from various publishers. I was considering several models including the Nook, Sony, and the Kobo reader. A few months ago I had entered a contest on Smart Bitches, Trashy Books for the Eat Pray Love edition of the Sony PRS-300. I didn’t win, but remembered just how cute the reader was.

I believe this model is no longer available from Sony because it was a limited edition, but I found it at a decent price on ebay.

I’ve had the Sony PRS-300 for about three weeks, and here are my thoughts on it so far:

The compact size is a definite plus. Unlike the Kindle, it fits into my medium-size everyday purse, though I’m carrying it in a tote bag now. The cute factor is pretty high–in fact when I opened the package my preschooler said “That’s mine!” (I told him that I’d give it to him when learned to read–but we’ll see about that.)

The metal case is very elegant and makes the reader seem more rugged than the Kindle. The PRS-300 comes with a fabric sleeve, and though I have the leather cover, I wouldn’t hesitate to carry the reader in a secure pocket of my purse. The page turn/zoom in-zoom out buttons on the bottom of the screen are placed such that if you close the cover without turning the ereader off, you will find your book opened to a different page or with a different font size the next time you open it.

I look forward to shopping at sites other than Amazon, especially, where they offer their books a month earlier than other bookstores.

The page turns are definitely slower than the Kindle 3, though once you get into reading a book, this is less noticeable.

I already check out ebooks from my local library (Hennepin County, MN) which up until now, I had to read on the Adobe Digital Editions on my computer. I also signed up for an nonresident card at the Free Library of Philadelphia, which as of today costs $15 for 1 year. I received the Free Library of Philadelphia card a few days ago and have already checked out several books. Hennepin County is adding more ebooks every week and Philadelphia already has a good selection, and in many cases more copies per title than Hennepin County.

I’m tempted to upgrade to the newer Sony reader with the Pearl e-ink and touch screen–maybe for my next birthday, which will be in March. For now, I have more than enough books–ebooks and print books–to last me many years. So I really don’t need any new gadgets, just more time to read!

Until next time, thanks for visiting my blog, and happy reading!