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The TBR overwhelm and what to do about it!

I haven’t read much at all this week, though over the weekend I read The Help by Kathleen Stockett.

For a few days I’ve had a feeling of paralysis due to an overwhelmingly large TBR pile (and believe me mine is not that large!). For the last few weeks, I’ve even put off going to the library to pick up books that I had on hold. What happpened is that I suspended my holds while on vacation in June, creating a backlog. At one point I had 50+ books on the hold shelf. I feel bad for giving the library staff extra work, because they’re so short on funds and staff at the moment.

But to get back to the point, nothing jumps out and says “Read me!”right at the moment. What I might do is look at my bookshelf and see what’s been there for the longest, and ignore the  TBR Kindle books for the moment.

What works for you when you can’t decide what to read next?

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